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Brickheadz: Gollum From the Lord of the Rings

This is my Brickheadz Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings.

I love the versatility of Brickheadz. It seems like any character is possible.
I’m a huge fan of LOTR in all its forms. This version of Gollum Is mostly inspired by the latest trilogy but wanted to include his boat that was mentioned in The Hobbit novel as well as seen in the ‘80s animated film.

His body is styled in the Brickheadz formula but with some tweaks to emphasize Gollum’s physicality. The forward leaning head to show his lurking hunch. The pointed ears, the twist of the eyes and with a turn of the eyebrow plates, his expression could resemble either Gollum's rage or Sméagol’s gentle nature.
I used some brown bricks to simulate his thin hair but as with most Brickheadz, they generally add a custom plate and in the case of Gollum, envision a hair print on the top and sides. 
He comes with 3 fish and of course, his preeeecious.
Admit it, you heard his voice when you read that. 😉

I hope you’ll support and spread the word to help reach the 10,000 mark and make this available for all to collect.

Thanks SO much for your kind attention and support. 

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