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Town Factory


"Town Factory"

This is a modular building of an old Town Factory and an adjacent Warehouse. Both are built in 'old bricks' to give them a genuine look. The Factory has a workshop including a steam engine on the ground floor and an office on the second floor. The factory also has a crane to load heavy goods and a sliding door and ramp in the back to load goods onto the factories truck.

The warehouse is in 16th century Amsterdam style. Most floors have been converted to apartments but the original wooden double doors are still in place. At the back they have terraces or balconies to enjoy the sun.

I tried to build in a lot of detail to explore: The machinery inside the workshop, the old-fashioned crane, the 'cat and mouse', the family with the dog, the bat hinging on the chimney and the kid playing with his treasure set on the rooftop.

The Town Factory is meant to be a part in the Modular Buildings series. If placed in between two other houses a narrow alley, as can be found in many older towns, emerges on the right.

The first floor can be removed to see the workshop interior. The terrace at the back can be removed to find the factories storage room. The back wall of the first floor ‘opens’ to see the interior and the sliding door of the loading bay actually 'slides'.

I hope you already like the Town Factory from the pictures. How nice would it be if you can build your own in the future!


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