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Underwater Treasure Transport



The Underwater Treasure Transport is a transportation submarine designed to carry treasure chests across oceans safely. It includes the submarine, cargo and one minifig. 


Dimensions: length: 11.5 cm x width: 7.5 cm x height: 9 cm, (length with cargo door open: 16 cm)

Part count: 110 - 125

Model Description 

The submarine is a fairly small, red cargo transporter that holds treasure chests. The model is very sturdy; due to the use of technic bricks and won't completely shatter upon dropping it. The minifig comfortably sits inside the cab even with his diving gear on his back. The cab has a console for the minifig to pilot the sub. The cab also has winglets and air vents for decoration. The cargo bay has a large door that folds downwards onto the ground. It is flush with the walls when closed. Inside the sub securely holds two chests in place using the slide as shown. Without the slide the sub can hold three chests. The back has a working propeller to propel the sub forward through the water.


The sub only has one minifig, but can hold two in the cab if the breathing apparatus is removed. He uses a generic happy face with a blue torso with some detailing on the chest and back with blue legs. 

Comments, questions, and feedback is much appreciated! Thanks!

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