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Maggie and the Lollipop

Representes Maggie Simpson in the episode 'Who Killed Mr. Burns?'. In this episode, Mr. Burns reads that the Springfield school has discovered oil underground. This represents a problem to maintain its energy monopoly, and he decided to seize it. Smithers warned him that it's not okay and that it could get him into serious trouble; but Burns brushes him off, saying that doing so would be like taking candy from a baby. In addition, he plans to build a mobile disco to permanently block out the sun. All this makes many of the habitants of Springfield against him and want to attack him when he appears at the town hall. Mr. Burns reveals that he is armed and activates the device to block out the sun, declaring that no one will be able to stop him. Laughing cruelly, Burns leaves the room. Seeing the baby Simpson in the car happy with his lollipop, he tries to take it off, he drops the gun and ends up in the hands of Maggie who accidentally shoots it.

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