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Outback Steakhouse

In the mood for a juicy, delicious steak but can't think of a place to get one? Outback Steakhouse is the place you're looking for. They have everything from juicy steaks to mouthwatering hamburgers.

The model has everything the actual place has (except the inside detailing). And yes, this was modeled after a place I've visited. There is the dock to the right of the main creation, the restaurant itself, and a piece of the parking lot to the left. I remembered all the details of Outback from the last time our family went to eat there. Every detail is picture perfect. The only thing I left off was the sign on the front of the building; I made up for that on the sign at the bottom of the MOC.

This creation is minifigure size and would fit in a remote part of your little city, where there is plenty of space. Of course, you would have to finish off the parking lot and river under the dock and stuff like that. But otherwise this creation is the one for you. In total, this MOC has a piece count of 2,275. This would be no cheap set.

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