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Yo-kai Watch 3 Dorothy's Bedroom

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You can relive one of the most heartfelt moments from Yo-kai Watch 3, in Dorothy's bedroom.

After a battle, Buck reveals that Dorothy is his sister, and Dorothy reveals that Beddy-Byes is a yo-kai manifestation of their mother's feelings of worry for her children.

With separable bed, stuffed goat, and alarm clock, you can make Beddy-Byes hold the bed over herself, while posable arms and clear bricks make stuffed goat and alarm clock "float" around her.

Beddy-Byes' right hand features a 2x2 one-studded tile for easy attachment or removal, to recreate her healing soultimate with the goat, or her attack soultimate with the clock.

Bed can be removed from base, and has handle to attach with Beddy-Byes' left hand.

Characters include: Beddy-Byes; Buck; Dorothy; Hailey-Anne; Jibanyan; Nate; Usapyon; and Whisper.

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