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1/24th (approx.) scale Red Bull X2010


The ultimate concept racing car, now recreated in LEGO! This set is designed to be on minifigure scale, and some parts like the rear wing take inspiration from the Formula One sets made between 2004 and 2008. The car also has some play features such as a hinge-opening cockpit and an exposable engine. The original Red Bull X2010 was designed by Red Bull Racing car designer Adrian Newey and creator of the racing simulation series Gran Turismo, Kazunori Yamauchi, to answer the following question:

"What would the fastest racing car in the world, with no regulations other than the laws of physics, be like?"

The car incorporates fan-car technology, allowing it to effectively stick to the ground with extreme downforce, allowing the car to take even low-speed corners on maximum attack. 

Although this scale model doesn't feature an actual fan, a rounded 2x2 plate has been added at the back to make it look so. I tried to add a LEGO propeller as a fan, but it looked out of place and was lower than the wheels.

This is as accurate as I can make this model, but if LEGO does pick this up, I'm sure it'll get the recreation it deserves!

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