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Republic ARC-180 starfighter


During the Clone Wars, the Republic almost went bankrupt. Senator Padmé Amidala was in a difficult spot. The other senate members wanted to deregulate the banks so the Republic could produce another five-million clone troopers. The senate members who were with Padmé, trying to defeat the bill, were beaten up in alleyways, by bounty hunters hired by Count Dooku. Padmé visited with an old friend, who was a Separatist. Because when the Separatists split off from the Republic, Padmé's friend went with it. Together, they put a vote in the Separatist senate do open friendly negotiations with the Republic.

Meanwhile, General Grievous deploys a squad of cleaning droids to Coruscant that transform into bombs, for "Generator cleaning".

The bombs go off, and Coruscant is on emergency power.

Senate members claim it is "An attack by the Separatists! We should end peace negotiations now!" Finally Padmé spoke up and said that whoever is attack must want to end peace negotiations purposely.

Then, to just diminish any more "friendly greetings" between the Republic and Separatists, Dooku contacted the Palpatine (as the chancellor) and said that the senator that wanted peace negotiations (Padmé's friend) was killed by a clone suprise attack. 

Therefore, ENDING peace negotiations.

The banks were deregulated, and five million clones were created.

Along with the ARC-180 starfighter!

This set is pretty cool, with detachable wings to say if it is a light, medium, or heavy starfighter.

Comes with Grievous and a clone pilot.

That is basically it.

3rd project, so please please pleese (intentionally spelled wrong) support!


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