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An Honor Duel

"Kirby, this is it! Prepare to die!"
Straight out of Kirby Super Star comes this model, which is based off of Kirby's encounter with the masked knight Meta Knight. Not only is this scene well known throughout the world, it also is one of Meta Knight's most prominent appearances to date.

This model was created to be extremely accurate to the scene. From the four large windows to the missing brown dot on the base, I have replicated the room on Battleship Halberd where the battle took place.

Many hours of incredible labor went into the textures of the setting. Lots of studs are used to show bumps in the metal, and crates are stacked to create the two farthest pillars.

The floor is composed of smooth tiles and tiles with studs to act as foot grips. From the way these studs are arranged, Kirby and Meta Knight can pose facing several different directions in a ring on the floor. In fact, Meta Knight can be placed on the highest platform, then jump down onto the one stud in the center circle to recreate the cutscene before the battle.

Here is a rough sketch of the minifigures and new elements to be included in the set. These characters are Kirby and Meta Knight, complete with pivoting arms, hinging wings, weapons, and more. Kirby's body is hollow, so small LEGO items (such as studs or food) can fit inside. To access Kirby's interior, the face can be removed like a LEGO helmet's visor. Not only that, Kirby comes with multiple faces for different expressions.
Kirby's ability hats would fit on the stud on his head. Many new elements and weapons will have to be created to fit the abilities' roles. Both Kirby's and Meta Knight's swords will be new pieces!
Items included will be cherries and a new Maxim Tomato element. Both should fit in Kirby's mouth.
The LEGO Company may tweak these blueprints as much as it desires if this set reaches 10,000 supports. So everyone, please support the idea of this Kirby fanatic!

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