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King Crab


All hail the mighty King Crab!

The king of all the crabs, King Crab wears his golden crown and flowing red cape, and just like king Arthur or any medieval hero, King crab wields the almighty Mighty Stick of the Sea, an epic relic he picked up while taking a stroll one day, along the bottom of the sea floor. 

Play Features:

  • Articulating claw hands and eyes, moving legs 
  • Looks awesome and adorable 


  • Pearl Gold Crown - for that kingly feel. (thou to be honest, It would look better with the pig's crown from the angry bird sets element no: 6143597 [which i don't have access to, maybe in a update])
  • The Mighty Stick of the Sea 
  • The Flowing red cape of king-ness
  • Sea Corals (Non Existent - in the picture) 

Suggested Uses: 

  • Place it on your aquarium and show those fish pet of yours who the real king is!
  • Place it on your desk and whenever you feel down, just look at King crab and instantly feel better!

Q: Why is King Crab Orange? does that mean he is already cooked since crabs are technically grey?
A: uh....

Q: What can The Mighty Stick of the Sea actually do?
A: The Mighty Stick of the Sea is a relic that was found in the depths of the sea and holds a mystical blue gem, when swung around by the King Crab it looks pretty - and does absolutely nothing. 

Q: Why does he wear a cape?
A: kings wear capes, King Crab is a king, therefore he wears a cape.

Q:Does it come with corals?
A: Yes
Q: So where are the corals in the set?
A: insufficient bricks, didn't show them - (but in case you are wondering they look like corals made from lego bricks.)

Do not cook or eat the king crab! King Crab is glorious and shouldn't be eaten.

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