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JUMANJI: Jaguar Shrine


Welcome to Jumanji. I present my idea based on the 2017 movie Jumanji Into The Jungle, Jaguar Shrine. As you can see, there is the Jaguar Sanctuary, which is a place where there is a rock in the shape of a Jaguar and because there is the Eye of the Jaguar.
I think I represented the jaguar quite well with his face and his body with some plants. And the base where the jaguar can be placed and where there are snakes, small jaguar statues, etc.

Things included
  1. Nigel's car: Where he takes our heroes explains the situation.
  2. Dr Bravestone's motorcycle: Where he climbs up to the Jaguar statue to return the gem.

The minifigures in this set are
  • Dr Smolder Bravestone
  • Ruby Roundhouse
  • Franklin Finbar
  • Shelly Oberon
  • Rusell Van Plet
  • Nigel Billingsley
  • Seaplane McDonought
I made the design of all the torsos and some heads

Amount of pieces
The set has 1565 pieces in total (does not count minifigures)
The Jaguar statue: 1356 pieces
Nigel's car: 200 pieces
Dr Bravestone's Bike: 9 pieces

I hope you support :D !!!

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