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Chlous' Magic Mech Ninjago


Why this Model:

The Model is my version of Clous' Mech,which he creates with his magic ablilities, to battle Jays Electro Mech in episode 40 "Spellbound".

I liked the idea of an Mech witch is created threw magic to battle Jays technological Mech. Because the Mech was created threw Clous' magic, it is made of the surrounding materials, it has a very rock like look, but still the shape ot the serpents head.

I think as a set it would be a good addition to the "Jays Electro Mech" set, and could be great fun to let the two Mechs battle each other.

What's special about it

To give it this rock like look I tried to use smaller bricks to give him a uneven surface. The Mechs back is built with the same bricks again and again, because it should have this spinal  look the way it is on the Ninjago TV show.

The bigger two arms can be moved completely , threw the ball-joints, as well as the legs and feet. The fingers of the bigger hands are completely posable as well.

The smaller arms use the new smaller ball-joints, because they are smaller, but still posable.The hands on the smaller arms are made of the fist pieces, from LEGO Chima, or the ones Karlof uses in Ninjago.

The spikes on the Head of the Mech are also very special, besause they had to stand in  different angels, to look like they do on the TV-show.


For the minifigures, I would suggest Clouse, because he is piloting the Mech and Jay in his Zukin robe, he is wearing  while he fights Clouse.

Another possible minifigure would be Nya. She is in the scene as well, but she isn't actually fighting in this battle.

Explanation for the pictures

I used some palmtrees and bushes to give the picture a more jungle like look. The scene is set in the jungle on Chens island, but those bushes and palmtrees are not important for the actual set, which is the Mech.

On the minifigure picture, I couldn't print the sign on Jays Ninja-Mask, because the program I used to render the pictures can't print on this piece. It's not intentionally missing.

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