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KOTOR Swoop Race

Are you ready for the most intense, most exhilarating, most stressful, most tiring... board game?

Not exactly. Hello everyone, Xendor here, and today I am bringing you an intense board game based on the swoop races in the game Knights of the Old Republic. This game allows two racers at a time, and is meant for tournaments. It comes with one dice, eight speed boosts, and thirty-two obstacles for each color. Each racer has his/her own track.

Let's go over the rules.

Each speeder comes with its own speed boost. These allow the speeder to skip four studs. You cannot have boosts touching, but your opponent can make your boost unusable by placing an obstacle in it's way. You can't pick them up.

Obstacles are a hazard. They restrict where you can go, and cannot be removed during a race. Your opponent places them in ways that best works against you. In order to get around them, you have to move one stud over, which takes one step from what you roll. Again, they cannot touch each other, but they can be used to make a boost unusable.

The dice would come with six tiles. Four tiles would be numbered (1,2,3,4), while the other two would have symbols indicating what you can put down, either a boost for you, or an obstacle to give your opponent. The numbers indicate how many steps you can make. There are two dice, one blue, one red, to go with the speeders.

There are no taking turns. You count to three, and begin. You roll the dice, see what it says, do what it says, and roll again, without waiting for your opponent. This is a literal race.

As I said earlier, this is a tournament game. You pick groups of two, and compete. Then winners form another group of two, then another group of two, until you reach the final two racers.

Or, you could just do it for fun.

Either way, This is an intense game, and it will require all your focus for you to win.

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