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Burger and Fries

Everybody always wants to eat a burger and fries, so why not have burger and fries LEGO? This LEGO set includes a container of ketchup, 6 fries in mostly different lengths, and a burger. The burger has cheese, lettuce, ketchup, and, of course, a hamburger patty. It’s the size and width of a real burger and fries, so for food lovers, display your burger!

This LEGO burger’s top can be easily lifted, and you can add your own ingredients to your burger. The fries can be torn apart after each bite to become shorter and shorter as you enjoy your meal. Dip them in ketchup to make them even tastier! Now, hit that support button and maybe YOU can have your own burger and fries meal and tell your friends and family about this place to support me too. Thanks for reading! 

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