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Albert Einstein Statue


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What is it?
It's a "statue" of one of the most famous scientist ever. Based up on an iconic picture where he sticks out his tongue I present to you the one and only Albert Einstein
It's a recreation of his iconic face rested on a black support.
I started with his eyes then the rest of his face. The last few weeks I finished his hair and the black support.

Why did you build it?

 This is my 3th similar style build. This one is more detailed then the other ones. I build it because I'm just fascinated by Einstein's genius. His world shocking theories and publications, his crazy intelligence... it just intriges me. I saw few documentaries about him, that's when I decided : let's do this! Let's build this Icon

Why would this be a great set! 

Oh why would this be great? Well just look at it! It looks nice to me! This is just one of those builds that stands out from the rest.
So many cars, houses, shops,... but this build.. is something totally different from all we've seen in the Lego Universe!!

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