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Rock Monster Hunter


Deep underground the Rock Monsters are gobbling up energy chrystals, and it's up to the Power Miners to stop them! Equiped with a net launcher and twin flick-fire dynamites, the Rock Monster Hunter ready to take down the giant rock-throwing monster Techtonrox before it's too late! This mighty mining machine has every feature that the Power Miners need for the job: flood lights, a working net launcher, two flick-fire dynamites, mining tools, a grappling gun, and a spinning drill that spins as the mining machine wheels roll. The Rock Monster Hunter is fully equiped and ready for underground adventures!

One of my most favorite themes that LEGO ever created was Power Miners. In fact, it was both the Power Miner and Space Police themes that first got me interested in building with LEGO's! So when LEGO retired the Power Miners sets, I kept on building my own custom Power Miners creations, and the Rock Monster Hunter is my most favorite one so far. I also wanted to build a creation that did more than sit around for looks, so that's why I built the Rock Monster Hunter with the working net launcher and such.

After building the Rock Monster Hunter, I thought that perhaps other LEGO fans would enjoy building this Power Miners creation as well. I believe that it would make a good LEGO set for the following reasons: 1. It has a good structure and the frame doesn't break easily, 2. It looks cool and has many functional features, and 3. It is based off the Power Miners theme that many LEGO fans enjoyed building.

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