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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pagoda & Victory Lane

The design of this model was inspired by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the cradle of motor racing. The iconic race track has a history dating back to 1911.

As a child, I was impressed by the legendary atmosphere surrounding the track and the rich tradition that surrounds it. The most famous race is the Indianapolis 500, which is the top of American open-wheel racing, but the track is also home to the NascarCup. Drivers kiss the brickyard at the start-finish line to celebrate their victories, and traditionally drink milk and water instead of champagne.

I believe that many people around the world, many LEGO fans and motorsport enthusiasts, would welcome the opportunity to build this LEGO set and create the not so long ago built, iconic pagoda, with its associated pit buildings, scoreboard, grandstands and the legendary brickyard, which is still preserved from the original 1911 bricks of the track. 

Many thanks for your support!

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