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Three Little Houses

The houses in this trio are relatively small, but they have distinct personalities, and a lot of bright colors!

Two of the houses (the one in the center and the one on the right) are open at the back, resembling a doll house, for easy access to their interiors. The one on the left is fully closed, but the transparent windows allow a good view of the inside.

Each of the houses is meant to have a unique feel while still matching the others overall.

The house on the left has a bit of a cottage feel. It's white and has a rooftop deck for admiring the view. Inside, there is only a small bed and computer. It is the smallest and most peaceful of the houses, with about 117 pieces.

The house in the middle is the one that stands out the most, because of its bright mismatched colors, balloons, and smiling sign. It's more of a party house, demanding attention and excitement from the guests that it welcomes inside. The interior has a picnic table, food, and drinks. Out of the three houses, it is the largest, with about 434 pieces.

The house on the right has the most modern feel, with transparent bricks that mimic glass. Since the house is quite narrow, I feel that the transparency of the bricks also makes the house seem more open than it is. Combined with green leafy pieces, it sort of resembles a greenhouse on the outside. Inside, there is a simple design, with a chair and table on the first floor, and an arts-and-crafts table on the second floor. It has about 354 pieces.

This would make a great Lego set because the houses are relatively small and not too hard to build, but they are also unique. I had a fun time building them, and I think that others will, too.

Total Pieces: Approximately 920

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