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Modular Post Office


A post office in any city is always a central point, and often considered to be the center of the city it belongs to. This post office creation is modeled off an iconic Australian post office found in Sydney.

The post office features a central clock tower that can be seen from most locations around the city.

Downstairs is the functioning post office itself, with post office boxes, a store for general postal supplies, back room for sorting of the mail, and an internal stair case that leads to the second floor.

The second level has a split level in it, to allow for the high ceilings in the main post office room. This floor has been made in to a clock repair shop, to fit with the main clock of the building. The mezzanine itself has a number of grandfather clocks in various states of repair, and a hidden underfloor store room, that holds some old boxes and a hidden treasure chest with cob webs to cover it. 

With the second level on you can see the full work shop for repairing old time pieces. A desk with repair tools, parts and a light, plus a draft table with plans laid out.

The roof fits to the original pictures, and the clock tower itself continues the early 1900's theme. The actual clock face I would like to be similar to the original picture, though I lack the rendering skills to include this level of detail.

I have included 5 minifigures, 2 postal workers, a clock repair man, a lady and boy. Also a dog and a postie bike.

All up this model  is approximately 3100 bricks.

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