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Space-Rock Cafè


This is Space-Rock Cafè! Based off the famous Lego modulars, this creation brings classic space to life!

On the bottom floor, you have the cafè itself. Fit with a bar, two tables, a dance floor, and various ovens and display cabinets for food that space men can enjoy! On the second floor, there is a museum showcasing the wonders of space, with replicas of spaceships, as well as specimens from far-away planets. On the third floor, is an arcade. inside, is air-hockey, flight simulators and other cool space battle games to match the bright vibrant colours of the interior!

This module is a total of 40 bricks tall (including top accessories) and includes lots of space minifigures to play with! It also splits down the middle for easy access and more playability.

I think this creation would be a great Lego ideas set, because it is fun, creative and can fit in with lots of other buildings. It brings back classic space, and old themes that have not been used for a while! It uses no 'illegal' techniques that haven't been used in released lego sets, but still uses new techniques and ideas that make this set worthwhile!

Make sure you vote if you want this to be one of the next Lego ideas sets!

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