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This creation is about an original, curious and motorized drawbridge on the scale of minifigures.

As a LEGO fan, it is always nice to build very varied original sets, from different series, but I am especially excited about the technical series and despite creating and inventing my own ideas, I never thought to show this type of ideas, but one day I It occurred to me to create something that combines both ideas. A LEGO City or Creator expert scale bridge, but combined with some lego technic mechanism and I started looking for parts, seeing what I had to see what I could do.

The bridge was a good idea to combine those two characteristics and since I never use software applications, I got to ride and the colors did not reach me to finish the first model that I was thinking of, I decided to change and I found a lot of blue and less of others colors, that's why he has completed this "curious" color combination.

In short, this has been an idea that was being created, modified and adapted with what was appearing and had in hand in front of me.

The end result is curious with its pillars with different arches, its rise and fall mechanism, the transparent view to see the movement of the integrated mechanism, as well as the different areas created on both sides of the bridge. On the one hand, a small garden crossed by a river that runs under the bridge ramp, and comes from the bike-park.


Main details:

- I have created on a gray base ref: 10701 and on it have built the single-lane bridge and centered on the base, leaving both sides for two separate and totally different areas

- Power switch, hidden on the side of the bike park and up or down switch on the side of the garden.

- Motorization composed of "m" motor 8883, battery box 8881 and switch 8869.

-The bridge perfectly supports the weight of lego cars and trucks.

- Total height 52 cm, length with open bridge 66 cm.

- 7 minifigures

What if we put two bridges?

One in front of the other, and we make a great construction.

Maybe it is really nice to see this bridge going up and down over a canal to access a lego city or the spectacular city of Ninjago surrounded by water, I really hope you like my idea and what you can vote for my project to see in the future this set in many lego cities created in many houses around the world.

Thank you all

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