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TMNT2k3: The Battle Shell vs Nano

Holy Shell! It is my favorite version of TMNT!

This idea is my tribute to 40 anniversary of ninja turtles.

The Battle Shell - armored turtle truck that turtles ride to chase Nano - big mechanical monster with baby mind who assembled by swarm of nanobots. Also turtles fight against invisible ninja, crash evil robot mouser, and Raph chases on his Shellcycle Casey Jones - street vigilante.

This set includes 8 characters: Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello, Arnold Casey Jones Jr., Foot clan tech ninja, Nano and mouser. Also 3 vehicles: Battle Shell, Raph's Shellcycle and Mikey's hoverboard.

P.S. Please, comment my idea. I want to know your opinion. And thank you )))

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