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Sinclair Service Station


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I have decided to give my take on a Sinclair Gas Station for another crack at the 10K.

This version of a Sinclair who's outlets made famous by it's use of the green dinosaur which some of their gas stations still have out front of. (Sadly not on this one though).

I did take inspiration from an actual Sinclair station building which was originally built in the early 1950's.

Here we have a modern gas pump set up with specially designed stickers to add realism to the pumps though still using a lot of good old Lego building techniques.

The sign just worked out perfectly and sits on eight technic joiners.

A simple tyre display sits out front and inside a merchandiser of Sinclair motor oil and auto transmission fluid, plus add a counter with terminal to complete the basic gas station package.

The part count is under 500 pieces with a rough price guide of 70 to 90 dollars US.

Only a single gas station attendant is included (this one is female with a specially designed torso).

Further information on Sinclair gas stations, etc.,. here's the link

If you like this design please support and follow as I truly hope for this to do better this time round.

In fact, if this can reach 100 supporters then I will design that long waited Dino Lube bay to go with it.

Thank you for reading and Brick On everyone ! 

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