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Here's another cool little feature that can be added to the map as well, a little NESW Compass built in.  This version has 2722 pieces.  Based on similar sets released by LEGO this could run for less than $100



Here's some pictures of what the frame looks like.  I added little hooks you can either use to put the nails through on the wall or tie a string to it that will rest on the nails.  The frame also has the "Slide Shoe Round" piece to prevent scrapes and scratches on your walls or other surfaces.

I might completely redesign the frame still...I'd like a better method for hanging it.  Going to play around with some technic pieces to see what I can come up with.



Thanks for the support and the suggestions!  I made a little modification to the map that allows you to organize it which ever way you want by splitting it up into little 2x16 pieces.


LEGO "Maps"

I hadn't thought about this before but one of the comments gave me the idea to make multiple maps (possibly of each continent) which would allow LEGO to make a series out of this.  With each map you could have the possibility to combine them as one, sort of like the map I have made.  Allows for a larger more detailed map.  I'll see if I can come up with some mocks for that as well.

I remade the continent bases which dropped the piece count down to about 2,700.  If you were to replace all of the individual flat 1x1's used for the actual visual part of the map would probably drop down to 2,400 or so, but that would take away from the overall look in my opinion (and take away from the building experience).  I was just seeing what I could do to possibly drop the cost on it.  I'm not sure what LEGO actually chargers per piece for a set vs. what the prices are on the pick-a-brick site.

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