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LEGO Brickheadz Creator Mechs


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There are some LEGO sets that inspire you. The LEGO Creator Mechs Super Robot and Power Mech, were my inspiration to create Brickheadz' version of them. After getting very good feedback from other fellow Brickheadz creators, I thought this might be something that could be of interest for the general LEGO IDEAS community.

The idea is simple: take a beloved and known LEGO Creator set and find the best way to represent it in Brickheadz form.

You can watch here a video showing more details of both Brickheadz:

Both of them share some pieces with the original sets, like the wings in the Super Robot or the Chest piece in the Power Mech, that are there to remind you of the Creator model.

Super Robot

  • This Brickheadz is made of 130 pieces
  • Shares 16 % of the pieces with the original set
  • Instructions for this model have been downloaded more than 650 times since I've published it in a LEGO community site

Power Mech

  • This Brickheadz is made of 126 pieces
  • Shares more than 10 % of the pieces with the original set
  • A video of it has been watched 40 thousands time and liked more than 1 thousand times in Youtube

In both cases, the sets have decent sizes for Brickheadz, and you can see the connection with the original Mech but keeping the spirit of a normal Brickheadz sets.

People that have seen the models in the past have commented:

"You've made a Brickheadz... from the set? Now that's ingenuity" - Caronto99
"I love how meta this is" - Brickheadzstudio, an amazing Brickheadz designer

For those that like Creator, Mechs or Brickheadz sets, these two models would be a great addition to their collection, and it would be fan to build them alongside the LEGO Creator sets and display them together.

Thank you!

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