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Motorized pirate ship: The "Rolling" Dutchman


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Ahoy, pirate!

Welcome on board of The Rolling Dutchman!
Since I have been a child I always wanted to control my LEGO Red Beard Runner without pushing it around and now my dream has come true. I have build a motorized Version of the famous Flying Dutchman which is my favorite pirate ship, too. I have seen the original swedish Vasa which has given the idea for the Dutchman with its marvelous bow and stern. So I managed to combine them with my own creative ideas into this rolling Dutchman!

Please have a look at the features in the video and the pictures!


Video how the functions work:

Update 2:
Thanks for your 1k supports so far!
I have worked on the main picture a bit and now added a picture of the crew and one showing the functions as well.
You can find all the fotos until now here:

Update 1:
         New rotten Sails! (Picture 7+8+Video still with the first sails)

Motorized Features:
  • Rolling movement caused by waves (1. M-Motor)
  • Two motorized triple-barrelled chasers in the bow (1. M-Motor)
  • Motorized steering with simoultaneously rotating ship´s wheel, rudder and steering mechanism (S-Motor)
  • Motorized movement for- and backward (L-Motor)
  • Motorized sail trim with turning capstan and changing sail position of all square sails (M-Motor)
  • All features can be controlled by rc-control via 4 channels and two receivers
  • All features use the Power-Function System but could easily be adapted to the new Control+ System which can lead to advanced handling of the functions
  • The battery box can slide out easily to switch on/off and change batteries

General Features:
  • Minifigures: Davy Jones, Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth, Bill Turner, Barbossa and more. (I am not familiar with the movies in english so I would like to ask you to tell me the names in the comments section!)
  • Two decks with cannons (one side the lower deck is closed to store the motors)
  • The two tripple-barreld chasers can manually slide backwards and then the doors can be closed
  • Removable deck at the stern to take out the steering wheel
  • Removable lower balcony´s on both sides
  • Handmade sails (I would like to improve them in an future update)
  • Two functional anchors
  • Upper cabin minifigure size with Jack stealing the heart (illuminated)
  • Lower cabin with Davy Jones organ (illuminated)
  • Two torches at the stern (illuminated)
  • The capstan can be removed
  • The ship is based on the sturdy hull parts, the complete 2 lower rows of bricks can be removed with the steering and driving wheels to use it as "normal" push forward ship or display model
  • The main mast and the mizzen are both slightly tilted backwards
  • Correct rigging and sails due to the movies
  • The ropes between the masts can be removed easily to take them apart for transport

It would be an honor to receive your support. Aye!

I have to thank my friend J-H to help me with some motorization problems and a special thanks to my girlfriend for not freaking out!

Thanks, yours Störtebricker from Hamburg, Germany

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