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The Art Center


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Welcome to The Art Centre, a unique space for contemporary arts, music, dance and also a celebration of creativity.
This renovated industrial-style building has a gallery space on the ground floor where an intensive year-round program of exhibitions takes place.
The music academy shares with the ballet hall the first floor.
On the second floor there is a painting academy and a photographic studio.
The building’s rooftop holds glamorous opening events in which visitors can enjoy great views of the city. The glass elevator works with a simple manual system with 4 stops.
The Art Centre is not a reference to any specific building, but rather includes details from and references to many industrial lofts common in New York and many American cities. 

The set would have 2820 pieces and include 7 minifigures. Some printed/sticker pieces are suggested. All existing pieces in the LEGO palette were used with the exception of the chromed colors used for the small sculptures and the mirrors of the ballet hall.

Thank you in advance for your support!


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