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Winter Village Decor Store


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Throughout the Winter Village collection, each building (and the train, of course!) has been covered with every Christmas decoration imaginable. From wreaths to lights, the minifigures of Winter Village know everything there is to know about decorating. But where do they get all these decorations? The Decor Shop!

The Decor Shop, or "The Holiday Store", is home to a variety of Christmas decoration. From penguins on ice blocks to a wreath wall, minifigures will have everything they need to deck the halls and trim the trees (there's even a Surfin' Santa)! 

The outside of the building consists of three main colors: dark orange, brown, and tan. Large windows on both sides of the store allows passerby to peak inside, and a Countdown to Christmas tells any villager how long they have to wait until the special day!

Inside the store, the main entryway holds a nearly two-story tall Christmas Tree, which lights up when hitting the button on the roof. To the left, shoppers can find model buildings to build their own Christmas Village, a set of two decretive penguins on ice blocks, snowboards, and a wrapping paper station for everyone picking up last-minute gifts. To the right, they can find the village-famous Surfin' Santa, a toy train wall, a stack of pre-wrapped presents (with the paper from the shop, I'd assume), a wreath wall, and a cash register. A large wreath also commands the tower in the middle on the inside, sitting in front of the light brick that lights the tree!

This model comes with five minifigures: the shop owner, Surfin' Santa, two children, and a shopper. The model also includes a Jack-In-The-Box and a remote controlled hot air balloon.

This is the second Winter Village MOC I have created, and throughout the process, it has proven to be my favorite project I've ever worked on. The inspiration for the model came from seeing the Hot Air Balloon piece, and I knew it would be a perfect awning for a store. While building, I used the same mindset to find other unique pieces to include: hearts for the corners of window frames, candles for wrapping paper, and so much more. Soon, that one idea turned into a model that fits perfectly into any Winter Village layout.

I hope you've enjoyed reading through and looking at this model. Remember, this can only become a set if we work together to share this model with the Lego Community in whatever way we can. With a little bit of Christmas magic, I know this set can hit the 10,000 supporters it needs. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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