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Clothing Store


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Need some new clothes? Stop on by my clothing store and get what you need. This store has almost everything you need, including shirts and pants.

The store has lots of windows that adorn its walls (as you can plainly see), a rotating door, racks inside with shirts and things on them, a small register, a door to the alleyway in the back, and a ladder. I built this without any idea what I was going to build. I was just building at random, and the thought came to my mind to make it into a clothing store. The air conditioners (in illustration 1) are custom made. The lights on the back by the ladder are to illuminate the steps if someone were climbing it at night.

If your city is lacking a shopping center, particularly a clothing store, this would be the set for you. Also, if you were to get this set, it could be customized to fit in the middle of a crowded street.

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