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Lego Paperweights


This set features three paperweights I designed.

Question Mark

The question mark paperweight is a question mark on a stand decorated with smaller question marks and is the heaviest of the three. The question mark paperweight photos are very tall, and they only fit on this website sideways, so when you look at them you have to turn your head sideways, sorry.


The cactus paperwight displays a cactus on a tan and grey stand, it is the second heaviest and it's my personnel favorite.


The house paperweight displays a house on a green stand, and it's the lightest of the three paperweights.

This would make a good set because I haven't seen very many other paperweights on this website, or anywhere, I guess.

Thanks for checking out this project and please support then come see some of my other projects by clicking on this link Here. Hope you like them.

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