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Funny Scene


Improved Sewer!

A small cave beneath the open manhole is nice, but it didn't look enough like a sewer. It really needed some sewer water and a scorpion hiding in the shadows. 

So now you can see how much better it looks! Even if I just added some trans-blue tiles.  :D


That light gray slope to the top right of this picture was actually a shark fin in a different moc! 


Notice how his reflection on the shiny rock looks strangely uninjured...

Thanks for all the support so far! Please remember to take a moment and share on social media!


Thanks for the support!

Wow! 64 supporters already! Thank you so much!

The supports sure are stacking up! Please excuse my bad pun. :) 



New Added Function

I realized that one thing that this project didn't have was a cool function. So that is exactly what I've built. Basically, it's a button on the side of the model that when you press it, it tilts a 2x6 platform that the guy on crutches is standing on, and he then falls in the open manhole. The 2x6 platform tilts at approximately a 15 degree angle which is just enough to make him fall in.

This function adds additional playability, and it makes the build more enjoyable. Fortunately, I didn't have to alter the open back!

I really appreciate all your support so far! Please remember to share this project on social media! Thanks!


New Open Back

As you can see, I opened up the back so that the builder can create their own end-of-story scene.

Now you can see where that spider is hiding.

This is a needed addition, suggested by Mr. Roy. 

He sure is having a rough day.