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A Magnificent Adventure Bookend


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A waterfall gently cascades over a rock structure; parrots happily chatter away in the trees and a frog croaks along the riverbed. All of these nature scenes the explorer observes with fascination as his hot air balloon slowly drifts through the sky, and he wonders what he will experience next, for he is on an adventure!

This build consists of the following:
-         Two separate Lego built books that can be connected.
-         One Lego built compass with stand.
-         One jungle scene with a hot air balloon.

The two books can be attached to each other and/or the jungle scene by two technic pegs connected on their sides. This allows them to be easily attached/detached, yet also be firm.

The compass does not actually always point north, though the needle does spin, and the compass is about life size.

The jungle scene is the largest of the three different parts of the build. The hot air balloon can be separated from the jungle scene, which comes with two parrots, one frog, and an explorer minifigure who has a pair of binoculars. Two different sides of the rock face feature small secret caverns which contain treasure (and in one of the cases a spider as well!).

This build contains a total of around 1,200 pieces.

This build is unique because it would work as both a functional bookend, as well as containing playable elements. I wanted to create it around the theme of adventure as reading books is in adventure in and of itself. The compass and treasure add to the feeling of exploration and discovery!

I hope that you like this build! Please support and comment if you would like to see this as a set! :)

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