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New Years Eve in Winter Village

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Every model in the Winter Village genre has revolved around Christmas – this is an attempt to take it a step further and do a model for the New Year. What you see here is an Inn, a Stable and a Clock tower. Not only are there three separate buildings that you can connect in whatever order you like, but I also gave the models a different look by building them on diagonally shaped base-plates (wings) to give it a more interesting depth. This was an inspiration that came from a model of a Christmas village which I sold at my work.

A young couple comes to the village in a sleigh pulled by two horses to celebrate the upcoming New Year. The coachman delivers them to the Inn before he hand the horses over to the stableman for grooming. The elder innkeepers takes the couple in and prepares them dinner and beds. When midnight approaches, everyone gathers under the Clock tower to await the twelve o’clock stroke. Children are playing and take the opportunity to be a little naughty with snowballs before their New Year Resolution to be good takes effect, something that the forester and keeper of the Clock tower suffers for. As the clock reaches midnight, a medieval knight comes out of the tower and bangs the shield (you’re going to have to settle with your imagination for that) twelve times to mark the beginning of a new date. The innkeepers pour up drinks while fireworks light up the night-sky.


Pieces: 2795.

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