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Sliding Puzzle Game – 3x3, 4x4 and bigger


Fall in love with this clickety-clackety sliding puzzle. How quickly can you unjumble this classic Lego face? 
It comes with the pieces to build a simple 3x3 puzzle, or a harder 4x4 one. You can even join two or more sets together to create larger puzzles.

Once you’ve built it, the sliding puzzle retains the features that make Lego so fantastic:
  • it is really tactile. Young and old visitors will feel the need to pick it up and play with it… but you may have to help them to solve it
  • you will be creative. There are almost unlimited layouts and designs you can try by adding your own bricks.
Will you design an 8-bit classic like Mario, Megaman, Sonic, Pacman, or a Space Invader?
You could build an extra level of challenge into it. Can you design a maze or a colour match puzzle?
Oh, and don’t feel stuck on one level. You can even build upwards and it will still slide nicely….

It took me quite a few attempts to find a mechanic that plays as well as a normal sliding puzzle, but in this final design the pieces slide easily. You can turn the puzzle upside-down, shake it and the pieces stay in place.

(One of my favourite designs is to join two sets together to make the Lego logo – it looks and plays great, but the Lego Ideas rules mean I am not allowed to include photos of it here.)

When (and if) this project ever gets to 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. supporters, I’ll look back through the comments and pick out one of suggestions made and try to build it.

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