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Aquarium 2.0


About This Project:

This project is my second attempt at making an aquarium. The biggest difference between this one and my first one is I made this one capable of opening in half so it is very easy to access the inside. The roof is detachable so that the building can open in half easily.and for easy access inside. I also increased the main tank's size and made the jellyfish tank into a cylinder. I also remade the coral reef in the main tank from scratch and added more detail. There is three main attractions in the aquarium the main tank with the shark, sawfish, and the octopus are in. The second one is the cylindrical jellyfish tank in the middle of the aquarium. Third is the shallow interactive display with some gentle sea life inside that people can interact with. There is a couple of benchs for sitting down. There is a gumball machine near the front door on the inside of the building. The front desk where you pay admission is located just by the front door. There is a janitor inside for keeping the place clean. There is also a mermaid mascot to take your picture with and to talk to about fish or other aquatic themes. 

Play Features:

  • Roof is detachable for easy access inside.
  • Once the roof is removed the building opens up in half for even easier access inside the building.


  • Many aquatic creatures like a white shark, a sawfish, a crab, some clams, a starfish, an octopus, a jellyfish, and four small fish.
  • Seven minifigures including the janitor, the store clerk, the mermaid, the injured guy, a mom and her son, and a girl.
  • Minifigure accessories like money, a mop, a bucket, and crutches.

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Happy Building.


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