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Box Cars


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Box Cars!  The idea may seem strange at first, but think of the the things you could do with them!  They would be cheap (maybe $3 per car), really easy to build, and quite entertaining because they're design gives them the maximum playability.  They're practically impossible to break!

The cockpits are made out of Lego crates (giving the name Box Cars) and are complete with chairs and steering wheels.  They each have two headlights for night-driving, and handlebars on the front give them a cool touch. 

If they were made into a set, the boxes and handlebars would come in all different colors.  And also there would be more choice of minifigures (you could design the figure you want before ordering).  With the help of 10,000 really cool supporters, all the stuff I described can come true.  Box Cars! :D

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