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The Flying Scotsman. The Centurion

The train that went 100 mph. The train that went nonstop to Edinburgh. The train that lives for a century. The train that did all that was the Flying Scotsman. I was inspired to build this Flying Scotsman build from another Flying Scotsman by Inter Brick called LNER CLASS A1 'FLYING SCOTSMAN' which you should probably support so I started right away on brick link studios. Ok I've said Flying Scotsman four times now but back to describing my idea. I had to come up with a special way to make angled part by that cab angled so I just used the hinge brick. My creation is motorized with LEGO'S powered up line using the city hub and the m-motor and uses tow ball couplers just like the orient express. As you see in picture 3 I put a LEGO light brick in the cab with mechanism to keep it on so that's pretty lit. The coach is an already existing model on brick link studios I called UK coach but it was too tall so I made it shorter but because of that there's a half plate gap between the red and the tan. I tried every thing I could to cover up the gap but in the finale model I just bricks of the same color behind it to cover up the gap. By the way the livery is called blood and custard.

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