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Pokemon: Gyarados

Pokemon and Lego are two brands that fit so well together. Lets try to make that happen.

For the naysayers: This IS my work, The pictures posted below are specific for this site.

This would be very possible and easy to create if Hero Factory pieces are designed to be a little more open. With pieces that could come from creations like this, creatures and animals would be much easier to make and design. Current Hero factory pieces completely limit what can be made with them with their lack of connection locations and incompatibility with other themes.

So if it is even slightly possible, I'd like to see it happen.

Anyone want to tell me why cuusoo crops the pictures so horribly?

Here is how this should be made for simplicity. If Hero Factory joints are used to create the spiral skeleton, then the HF armor can be used for the back. The problem is, this leaves no room to attach anything on the front. If HF joints are made with more connection locations, The attaching anything to the front is simplified and reduces piece count.

The jaws are the only part that would be slightly difficult, but not impossible. An bar clip with an angled top similar to a minifig hand can solve that entire location. As for the rest of the head, Hero factory and Bionicle heads are usually premade. This situation can be the same.

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