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Discovery of the Dinosaurs


Hi, the set presented today represent three phases of the discovery of the remains of dinosaurs.

The combinaztion formed by 350 brick and is composed of two small modules and a reproduction of a dinosaur skeleton, in particular we have:

  1. Paleontological excavations, at the base of the discovery of dinosaur bones, represented by a module with a minifigure that digs into the rock and tries to outline the bones;
  2. Laboratory, essential for cleaning and the analysis of bones found, represented by a small module where is a instrument table, atable with over dinosaur bones and a minifigure of paleontologist scientist analyzing the bones;
  3. The skeleton of a Brontosaurus, that once rebuilt is put on display a museum.

The Brontosaurus or Apatosaurus, whose name means thunder lizard, was an imposing animal is the length to which the constitution of the body, has been one of the heaviest. His neck was formed by huge vertebrae, the head was small with nostrils at the top of the muzzle.

The set I think it could be of interest for both children, who were playing and, in meantime, to learn to collectors.

I hope you enjoy it, soon. 

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