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Cobra Turtle


Prepare to face all the dangers with the most versatile ship in the galaxy!

Inspired by the anime "Cobra Space Adventure", I wanted to create a model that sticks to the original design.

Embark immediately, the ship contains all that is necessary to meet all of the challenges that you may face :

•             A cockpit that just waits for you to take control
•             The most complex piano-computer ever built: Just play while looking into deep space !
•             An adventurer equipment room with a flying module (minifig-size)
•             A miniature drone with a Cobra Turtle based look
•             A medical bay to save damsels in distress from the dangers of Space Adventure
•             And a pleasant room with a shower and a bed, to… heh… everybody needs to rest from time to time, right?

The transport of characters across the ship is ensured by the "blue-path" system which makes possible to go in all the modules instantly.

Pretty cool already? Wait, there is more:          

In order to cope with all situations, the ship can change shape just like the original !
Thus, hidden in the darkest corners of the visited planets, it can watch for its prey where other ships cannot land or pass.

You want to fight the Space Pirates and show them you have no fear?
All you need to do is to vote and tell your friends about this project!

Thanks for your support!
I designed this model so that it is solid while maintaining the necessary flexibility for playing.
Model realized on LDD - 3000 pieces in 6 month

PS: Hey Lego, please make an Armanoid & Crystal Boy mini-figures !

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