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Exo-Planet Kryos


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EXO-PLANET KRYOS by ModularSculptr


After creating a makeshift research base on Planet Kryos from their disabled spaceship, human explorers soon discover they are unintentional invaders of an inhabited planet.  Life, it seems, evolved underground in a layer of water between the hot core and the frozen crust.  KryoSpiders, the dominant life form, eventually tunneled to the surface and built a civilization housed in cities of obsidian that absorb maximum amounts of solar radiation.  How will they react when they find not only a previously undiscovered continent, but that it is occupied by a dozen alien survivors?


A hollow spherical shell mounted to a structural core comes alive with miniature vehicles, bases, minifigures and even a small moon.  Both eastern and western hemispheres swing open from the core to reveal interior space.  The shell is composed of eight equatorial hinged ribs with wing-plate extensions which complete the spherical configuration.  Inside, the miniature models and minifigures can be stored until playtime.  Outside, surface details such as transparent oceans, icy windstorms, glaciers, snow-capped mountain ranges, icebergs, frontier bases and native cities are ready to be explored and studied.


Given the exciting astronomical discoveries of numerous planets beyond our solar system, there is again global interest in space, especially amoung the active imaginations of youth.  Thus, Exo-Planet Kryos is not merely a hollow shell or static statue but an interactive play-set that can stand alone in crystalline beauty or serve as the crown-jewel of any space-themed collection, LEGO or otherwise.  As shown, the model is roughly 150cm/ 6 inches/ 18 studs in diameter and is comprised of 602 elements.  However given the random nature of planetary formation, builders should be encouraged to rearrange geographical land-forms beyond the standard instructions and personalize the planet to their satisfaction.  Thus, Exo-Planet Kryos should make for an exciting play-set for kids and adults seeking nostalgia or rare parts alike and for a moderate price.

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