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Kylo Ren


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I will finish what you started!!

This is my sixth Star Wars Villain Chigi project and it will be the last one. I am very pleased I am able to finish off the old Episodes Villains and New Episodes Villains. Totally 3 iconic Villains from the Old and 3 iconic Villains from the New.

Building Kylo is quite a challenge with Lego. It is not hard to assemble but how to make it looks like Kylo Ren with bricks. Beside this, it is so much fun and enjoyment of building it. 

You may wonder it must very tall or much taller than my pervious Chibi Villains. Well, they are all remain in the similar height so that they may stand equally with each other in a collection. I basically build his body with lesser bricks to keep him look thinner.  

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this Villain from Star Wars episode 7 and my rest of the Star Wars Chibis which I previously build. Give me support so that you may also enjoy as much as I do.

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