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All-Purpose Shuttle


Adventurous explorers need a vehicle able to follow their dreams.

The latest model of our All-Purpose Shuttles is a sturdy, compact design, able to reach maximum speeds in air, water and interplanetary space. New zero-point energy engine makes refueling and coolant leaks a thing of the past. Rotating turbojets allow for smooth vertical take-off and landing. Intuitive, sleek controls will take you all the way to your destination.

Your journey begins now!


Why I built this model: Inspired by new space sets in the City line, I wanted to make something echoing retro-futuristic feel of classic Space, while also looking somewhat modern and smooth, by hiding as many brick studs as I could.

Why I believe it would make a great LEGO set: Sets I like the most are those that construct a single not-too-big model, that are a little bit "self-contained". For example there's a lot of awesome construction vehicles in the City line. Such sets allow to build a toy that can be immediately picked-up and played with. What I didn't see a lot of, until recently, is spaceships which are generic and not necessarily tied to pre-existing settings. Spaceships are cool and flying them around the house is fun. And if someone gets interested in space and astronomy because of such toys - all the better.

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