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Hulkbuster Ironman VS Hulk

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- Batman VS Superman -

This was in development before jonsanpedro's project was posted, so I'm not trying to lynch off of his success. Either way, his project presents a different portrayal of the Hulkbuster armour...please support him!

- jonsanpedro's Hulkbuster Project -

Ironman's famous Hulkbusting armour. It's been a staple of his arsenal for a while now, but we rarely get to see it used for it's intended purpose. I think a Lego set that allowed us to create our own epic battle between these two popular heroes would be a brilliant addition to our collections.

Here the fountain. It's pretty generic, a fountain, a tree, a garden with some walls, and a lot of destruction going on.

The two included minifigures would be the Invincible Ironman with his Hulkbusting suit attachment and the Incredible Hulk.

One of the things that makes this project so awesome is it's ability to connect to other, similarly designed buildings, as seen below.

Shown here is the fountain connected to the Batman VS Superman project I made. Potentially, more similarly designed buildings could be made in the future, allowing for endless expansion modularity wise.

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