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Log Cabin


Welcome to the lego log cabin! At the cabin here we have three cats. As I'm talking I am out here choppin' wood to fuel our beautiful fireplace. Hey, what's that? Well lucky you, you're just in time to see an eagle flyin' overhead! My son and grandson are over singin' songs by the campfire. Oh, I just love those campfire songs. You might see a gun in the cabin behind the icebox, but I'm the only one who does the huntin' round here. That trophy on the mantle is my grandson's. There's a bookshelf with lots of books: classics, nature guides and picture books. On the shelf there are some games too, perfect for a rainy day.  I'm sure your happy with this beautiful log cabin I made here. Made it myself too! It's just been rainin', so the water barrel is full. I think this would become a good lego set, that's why I just described the whole place, so I sure hope you vote for it!

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