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Sierra Railway #3


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So its been a while since I posted a project, so i decided to put up a train that I've been working on for a while. This is Sierra Railway #3, this engine has appeared in more motion pictures, documentaries, and television productions than any other locomotive giving it the nickname "Movie Star Locomotive". This model is fully motorized to the best of my ability, I have also tried to accurately protray the locomotive with as many details as possible. The engine itself is motorized with the battery box and IR reciever in the tender. The cab of the engine is fully detailed all the way down the the jonson bar (if you know what that is). However its only detailed on the standing model, the motorized version only has room for the seats for the engineer and fireman. Other than that it is a beautiful model and I hope you guys like it too.

Also if I get 400 supporters I will upload a preview of my next project.

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