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Walking Penguin (Fully Motorized)

My penguin resembles a member of the earth's tallest penguins, the Emperor Penguins.
Their feathers of the head and back are black and sharply delineated from the white belly. The breast and ear patches are yellow with a little orange.

Because of its detailled design and its natural colorful appearance around the head, the model works really well as a display set.
But there is much more to it:

My model is fully motorized and remote-controlled making the penguin "come alive".
One motor enables the Penguin to walk. 
Another motor opens and closes the Penguin's beak and simultaneously makes it flap its wings.

Watch the following video to see the penguin in action:

Both motors used are Power Functions L motors. 
The walking motion is a penguin's characteristic waddling.

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