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Grafito Battlers, Bike-Jet and Graffitos


Prepare for battle with a pink-wonder, a spear-tree a block-dweller, 3 flower-headed, a spark-kitten, a crest-headed, a flame-burst and a space-dweller. Also features the bike-jet; the coolest bike/jet combo ever. Pink-wonder, block-dweller, spear-tree and flower-headed are all in scale with the mini-figures. Spark-kitten, space-dweller, flame-burst, and Crest-headed are much bigger than mini-figure scale. Spark-kitten has moving legs. Space-dweller has moving legs and arms. Flame-burst has moving arms, legs and head as well as a double hinged tail. Crest-headed has moving arms, legs and head as well as a double hinged tail. Bike-jet has room for all 4 characters and a detachable bike. Set also features a brick separator.

I decided to make this set because I like dinosaur king and decided to try and create my own idea for a similar program and decided to use Lego to design the characters. I think this would make a good set because it gives fun play opportunities and is designed to complement some of the existing Lego themes.

Pink-wonder and Spear-tree each consist of 1 piece.

Block-dweller and Flower-headed each consist of 2 pieces.

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