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The Water Castle


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Everyone loves castles!

This is the castle of the royal lion knights.You can only get there about the bridge.

It includes a sentry, an armory, a throne room with a golden throne and a treasury.

The sentry:
  • 1st. floor: the armory with weapons and a chess table
  • 2nd. floor: two beds for the knights and a table with drinks
The keep
  • 1st. floor: the throne room with a golden throne.
  • 2nd. floor: a bed and the treasry with a lot of gold

I've build this castle, because I think, Castles are amazing Lego® sets. Castles are big buildings from the middle age. It took many weeks and a loot of work to build this castle. I think it would be a great Lego ® set, because many childrens love castles.

If you think this would be a great lego set, you can support it.

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