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Fish Cafe

Set against the rocky shores somewhere located in England, this simple yet charming fish cafe takes its abode. Inspired by an English cafe, this cafe is directly built on the beach, selling fish, crab, beer drinks, and salads.
The main feature of the structure is the lantern on the side wall, facing the beach. This battery-operated light illuminates the whole set and is easily accessible, with an opening flap to turn on/off the battery and a battery compartment, underneath the deck. Other features include:
The CAFE sign swings down, enabling the roof and awning to come up for a better view and easy compatibility inside the cafe
A couple seating places for customers
and- A charming interior in the cafe with a built-in fish on the wall.

This set is perfect for those who are looking to make a great addition to their beach city or even Lego city, and is sure to attract many visitors.
The colors vary: blues, greys, white, velvet, tan/brown, and yellows.
Length is 9.5 inches
Width is 5 inches
Height is about 7.5 inches

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